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Why advertise in en?

en exists to encourage Christians and to advance and promote the Christian faith. There are numerous ministries and organisations throughout the UK who have similar goals. Providing advertising space is one of the ways we can support you in fulfilling your mission.

We estimate our readership to be around 10,000 spread mainly across the UK with a few hundred abroad. The uniting factor for our diverse range of readers is the fact that we take the Bible seriously as God’s Word and our final authority (see our Statement of Faith). 

Each month we have space in both the printed and online versions of en for seasonal or regular advertising so that your message can reach our readers. With the backing of a broad support base of many leading evangelicals, advertising in en can be advantageous to you in:

  • reaching an increasing cross-section of evangelical churches inside and outside the main denominations as more churches and parishes take en as their source of news and comment.

  • targeting a diverse age-range of readers from students through to the retired.

  • communicating your message effectively and consistently with the space and costs designed to support your budget in print and online.

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