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Types of advert

The adverts that we carry cover a wide range of topics.  We have two different types of format for adverts in the newspaper - 'classified' and 'display' -  as well as web or 'banner' adverts on the pages of our website (see below). You will need to decide what type of advert you would like to use, but to give you some idea display adverts tend to be used for, among others, jobs, conferences, events and churches while classified adverts are often used to advertise holidays, churches and miscellaneous other things.

Classified adverts

These are plain, unformatted text adverts which appear in a column along with other similar advert categories, for example: ‘Churches’ or ‘Holidays’. The price is based on the number of words and we will invoice you when you book the advert.

Display adverts

These are adverts which can contain text and images, displayed in the frame size of your choice. The price is based on the size of the frame and if it is in colour or black and white. We will invoice you after publication.

'en online' web adverts

If you place a recruitment display advert in the printed version of the newspaper, this will be put on the Looking for a Job? page of the website free of charge for the same duration as the printed recruitment advert. We will use the same artwork as the printed advert.

NB If you have missed getting a recruitment advert in the newspaper (or you only want it to be advertised online) we can place it on the Looking for a Job? page of the website. Please contact us about this.

For all other types of display advert placed in the printed version of the newspaper, you can, for an additional charge of £50 per month, opt to have an advert appear in 'en-online' for the same duration as the printed advert.

If you do not have an advert in the printed version of the newspaper, you can place an advert in 'en-online' for £100 per month. 

There is one size of online advert and they require their own separate artwork with a different specification to the printed advert (see the submitting the artwork page for more details).

The web adverts are small but highly visible and are really designed as a entry point to your website where people can find out more - so when desiging the web advert you should aim to include just enough information to encourage them to click through.

Adverts are displayed on all of the 'en-online' content pages including the archives. All the web adverts rotate through the two advert spaces in turn. They are displayed for 30 seconds and then on the next page refresh (for example, when a reader clicks on a new article) they change.

Adverts booked in for an issue will be displayed until the next issue is published online. 

Advertising Rate Card