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How does it work?

  1. Download and review the rate card.

  2. Choose the advertising approach you want to take (see type of advert for more details)

  3. For a display advert, decide the size and whether or not you would like it to appear in 'en online' as well as in the printed newspaper (please note that if it is a recruitment advert, it will automatically appear on the Looking for a Job? page of our website at no extra cost). For a classified advert decide on the number of words to suit your budget.

  4. Review the information about charities and VAT on the last page of the rate card to determine if you qualify for zero VAT rating or not.

  5. Submit the artwork according to the specifications on the rate card by the advert deadline of the issue you would like your advert to appear in along with name and address details for the invoice. If you qualify for zero VAT rating, please also provide the evidence of charitable status and the zero VAT rating declaration (see the last page of the rate card for details).

  6. Pay for your advert after you receive your invoice - please do not send payment with your order.


Please note that we cannot guarantee advertising space and en reserves the absolute right to decline advertisements at its own discretion.

Types of Advert