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This video tells you a bit about us - we really hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it!

If you'd like to show it at your church, click here and download it from our Vimeo channel or click here for the shorter 1 minute version. There is also a version with subtitles.

About en

evangelicals now (en) is a newspaper offering a biblical perspective on current issues and insight on what’s happening with God’s people worldwide. Formed in 1986 initially under the editorship of Bob Horn, then from 1992 until March 2019 under John Benton and until August 2020 under Jonathan Worsley, the informative monthly newspaper, which is available in print and online, exists to advance and promote the evangelical Christian faith.

en also seeks to encourage believers and be sound and firm on the essentials of the Christian faith, while providing a forum where Christians can air differing points of view within a biblical framework.  Read more about our Editorial policy here.