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The en team






Senior Editor: David Baker

David has the unenviable task of deciding what makes it into the paper each month and what doesn’t. He also writes occasional news, reviews and feature articles. All this while being Rector of East Dean Church near Eastbourne.







Administrator: Rob Clarke

Rob assists David with laying out the content and works to keep the production schedule rolling and the company running.


Sales and Distribution: Malcolm Havell

Malcolm ensures that our subscribers get their copy of the paper every month be that directly by post, through their church agent or local Christian bookshop and also looks after advertising in the paper,.


News: Nicola Laver and Iain Taylor

Nicola and Iain sift through all the press releases and news that comes into the office. They investigate other stories and in conjunction with the editor produce the final news content for the paper each month.

Marketing and Social Media: Milla Ling-Davies

Milla works to promote en in a variety of ways and looks after en's social media presence. She also writes articles for en.


The team are responsible to a board of directors chaired by Adrian Reynolds, Associate National Director of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches, and are accountable to around 50 ‘members’ who support the board in overseeing en.