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Delivery Policy

The precise delivery details of your subscription will be indicated when you place an order, and in your account area. In general:

a) Online subscriptions will become active immediately after payment is made.

b) Paper subscriptions will either be dispatched within 5 working days, or prior to the start of the next month, depending on whether the current issue or the next issue is to be dispatched. This will be indicated during your purchase.

Refunds, replacements and cancellations

If your issue does not arrive or is damaged, contact us immediately and we will dispatch a replacement.

Rolling subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, and the unused remainder of the 12 month subscription will be refunded. If you wish to do this, contact us.

Payment currencies accepted

Payments are accepted in Pounds Sterling (GBP). If you pay using a foreign card, the exchange rate and any currency conversion fees will be determined by your card provider.

Export restrictions

We will send to anywhere in the world - the correct postage will be charged during your purchase depending on the destination country (subject to trade restrictions, sanctions, and the destination country having a functioning postal service).

Trading information

Evangelicals Now Ltd.

Our address is on our contact page.