Formed by God

Graeme Shanks  |  Reviews
Date posted:  1 Jul 2024
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Formed by God

Michael A.G. Haykin
Union Publishing. 160 pages. £11.99
ISBN 978 1 739 342 647

‘Christian spirituality’. When a believer hears those words, they can often begin reaching for the proverbial bargepole. It often is suspicion at worst and nervousness at best. Isn’t that the stuff of Eastern mysticism? Well, here is a book that persuasively argues that what God has joined together no man should separate.

In the book, Haykin lays out nine marks of the Spirit’s work in the life of the believer. Skilfully drawing on church fathers from the past, he explores how the Spirit seeks to draw us deeper into a knowledge of both ourselves and the triune God who saved us. Truly it is only by coming to know God that we come to know ourselves.

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