That they might be one

Raymond Brown  |  Reviews
Date posted:  1 Jul 2024
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That they might be one

A guide for Christian doctrine and life
By Ralph Cunnington
P & R Publishing. 198 pages. £14.00
ISBN 978 1 629 958 552

In Perfect Unity, Ralph Cunnington has written a short yet persuasive, accessible, and wonderfully insightful, readable summary of Christian doctrine.

Thanks to his time studying under Dr Robert Letham, Cunnington cleverly uses the idea of ‘Distinct yet Inseparable’ to explain a number of tricky-to-get-your-mind-around things about the Christian life, faith and doctrine. For example, in his chapter tackling our redemption in Christ, he writes: ‘We needed a sacrifice that was distinct from humanity, in that God the Son is sinless, and yet inseparable from humanity, in that He is fully man’.

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