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Raiders of the Lost Ark

I remember the thrilling moment, in the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, when the German soldiers opened the lid of the ark of the covenant, and Indiana Jones tells his leading lady not to look, as angels, turning into demons, emerge from the golden box to wipe out the soldiers.

The ENd word Jeremy McQuoid
Figure Image
Scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark as the ark is opened

Sadly, that is the image at the forefront of most believers’ minds when they think about the ark, because we hear very little about the ark from our pulpits! The ark of the covenant is brimming with meaning. It was part of the tabernacle whose exact specifications were laid out by God to Moses over about 15 chapters of Exodus (Ex.25-40). My guess is that we have spent more time unpacking the burning bush than we have the ark of the covenant. So let’s ‘raid’ the ark again.