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Come on, be relevant!

Let’s be honest – sometimes we are just boring.

Comment Stephen Kneale
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The film Sister Act had an interesting quote that has stuck with me. In the film a lounge singer called Deloris, played by Whoopi Goldberg, must join a convent as part of a witness protection programme. 1990s larks ensue as this singer teaches the convent to lighten up a bit while continually butting heads with the conservative Mother Superior, played by Maggie Smith. Having told Deloris to help the tone-deaf choir, the Mother Superior is frequently aghast as unbecoming worldly tactics are employed to jazz up the church service. During one such altercation, Deloris asserts: ‘See, people like going to theatres, and they like going to casinos. But they don’t like coming to church. Why? Because it’s a drag.’ The sad truth is, she has a point.