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  • Australia: safe, just

    Christian Concern

    South Australia rejected an attempt to legalise voluntary euthanasia, in an overnight sitting of parliament in late November.

    The Bill was defeated by the vote of the speaker, after MPs voted 23-23. This is the 15th time the state’s parliament has tried to legalise voluntary euthanasia. Lyle Shelton of the Australian Christian Lobby said: ‘As a just and compassionate society we can find better ways to deal with the suffering which do not draw us into providing state-sanctioned killing.’

  • China: harvest continues


    In the Lord’s grace large numbers of people continue to turn to the Lord Jesus Christ in China, according to reports in November.

    A reliable source in the told en that Shenzen region in the southeastern part of the country one church saw 126 people, men and women, baptised during November. What is going on in China may be the greatest ‘revival’ the world has yet seen.