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26 years acting as Jesus: 'no one sees what I see'

James Burke-Dunsmore has played Jesus on stage for 26 years, ever since volunteering to help at a friend’s production in 1998. Here, Milla Ling-Davies from en chats to James about his experiences across the years. 

Milla Ling-Davies

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James Burke-Dunsmore performing as Jesus in Brighton, 2011. Source: the Passion Trust

In 1998, James turned up to his friends’ production to lend a hand with his Bible knowledge. To his surprise, he found a room full of people pointing at him and saying, ‘Him. He should play Jesus.’ Since then, he’s performed in front of tens of thousands in Passion Plays in London and across the globe and has been crucified on stage as Jesus more than anyone else in the world.