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Ruth Perry, Ofsted and church processes

A coroner’s report concerning the head teacher, Ruth Perry, determined that her final Ofsted inspection ‘lacked fairness, respect and sensitivity’, stated that at times the inspection was ‘rude and intimidating’ and ruled that it ‘likely contributed’ to her death. Mrs Perry took her own life whilst waiting for the Ofsted report to be published.

Comment Stephen Kneale
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The death of Ruth Perry sparked a public debate about the role of Ofsted and how school inspections work more broadly in the UK. BBC News reported: ‘Ofsted chief inspector Amanda Spielman said last month Mrs Perry’s death had been used to “discredit” the schools watchdog. Referring to these comments, Ms Connor [the senior coroner] said this suggests a lack of learning from this case.’ She stated that there was a marked difference between the evidence of the council and Ofsted, suggesting the council was open and accepting with a clear desire to improve matters.