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What’s the Christian view of Scottish independence?

‘I was, I think, the last speaker, and after dwelling on the encroachments made by the Court of Session, confirmed by the final judgement of the House of Lords, and on the manner in which we had been treated in Parliament, where the voices of the Scottish Members had been altogether overborne by the English majority, I said, on the spur of the moment, that such injustice was enough to justify Scotland in demanding the repeal of the Union. With that, to my surprise, and somewhat to my consternation, the meeting rose as one man, waving hats and handkerchiefs, and cheering again and again. No doubt the enthusiastic feelings of the people assisted our object, but I took care not to speak of repeal of the Union at our subsequent meetings.’ *

Comment David Robertson
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SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon

Reverend Walter Wood of Elie, describing his visit to the south of Dumfriesshire in the winter of 1842/3 – demonstrating that the question of Scottish independence is not an entirely new one in the church!