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  • Australia: sex selection

    The Guardian

    La Trobe University researchers found indi-cations that prenatal sex selection is taking place in Victoria, despite legislation that bans the practice, it was reported in August.

    Published in 2018, it showed that for Indian- or Chinese-born mothers, if the mother had two or more previous births, there were between 122 and 125 boys born to every 100 girls. The worldwide ratio is 105 boys born to 100 girls.


  • Columbia: pastor shot

    Christian Solidarity Worldwide

    An evangelical pastor died on 10 August, after being shot multiple times in his home in Bajo Cauca Antioquia, northern Colombia.

    Pastor Salcedo leaves behind a wife and two young children, as well as the church he led as part of the Movimiento Misionero Mundial group of churches. The motive for the attack is not yet known. It is thought to be linked to a protest that took place two days prior to the pastor’s death when around 1,000 Protestants and Catholics called for the restoration of peace in the region.