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A stela find

I have just returned from the Galilee where I have been taking part in another season excavating at an archaeological dig. Finds include the usual pottery, beads and seals, but one particular find made the international news and has implications for our understanding of an early biblical period. The picture (below) shows a 3ft high standing stone (stela) which we unearthed last week.

Defending our faith Chris Sinkinson
Figure Image
The stela dating to 950 BC

We are currently excavating a section of a site that may be the town of Bethsaida that we know from the Gospels. However, the area we are excavating is 1,000 years older than the time of the Gospels. All the indications are that at this time the site was the capital of the Kingdom of Geshur, which was an ally to the Israelite nation (Joshua 13:13).