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Praying for professionals

I don’t write a blog. If I did write, this would be a perfect week to include personal anecdotes about things going on in my life that I’d love to tell everyone even if they didn’t want to know. That’s what a blog’s for, isn’t it?

The Music Exchange Richard Simpkin

Bike and Boris

The new tumble drier went on the blink and had to be fixed twice. Admittedly I’d bought it at a heavily knocked-down price from eBay. At the same time, our G-Wiz (which we use for the school run) has been kept in for a service for two weeks to have work done on it which took about ten minutes. A lack of car means that I’ve been cycling our five-year-old to school on the back of a tandem through the City during rush hour. Once, we met Boris Johnson at the traffic lights on London Bridge, and he thought the contraption was, ‘brilliant, brilliant, absolutely brilliant’. Brilliant it may be, but Ollie can’t reach the pedals yet, so it’s been pretty hard going, not helped by his suggestion of taking his encyclopaedia in for Show-and-Tell.