Killing of disabled unborn on the rise

Nicola Laver  |  UK & Ireland
Date posted:  1 Jul 2024
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Killing of disabled  unborn on the rise

Six babies with cleft lips or cleft palates and 19 with Down’s syndrome were aborted late-term in 2022 across England and Wales, according to official figures. The latest statistics also reveal a general uptick in the numbers of abortions directly related to a baby’s disability.

The latest abortion figures for Scotland in 2023 are even worse, also revealing a sharp rise in the numbers of young girls having abortions. Scotland reports its figures a year ahead of England and Wales.

Abortion data for England and Wales has revealed that in 2022, there were 256 late-term abortions because of disabilities, such as Down’s syndrome and cleft palates. In total, there were 3,124 abortions linked to the baby’s disabilities – including 760 with Down’s syndrome and 46 with cleft lips.

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