First They Came For The Home Schoolers...

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Date posted:  1 May 2019
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First They Came For The Home Schoolers...

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The Government is consulting on new plans for a home education register,1 but this isn’t about home education; it is about the right of any parent to teach their child anything.

If this proposal of registering every child becomes law, it opens the door for a less benevolent government to tell parents how and what can be said at home on other matters. As suspicion of faith increases, it would only be a small step to see Bible teaching brought into the Government’s sights.

Casey Review

This register was first suggested in the Casey Review (see en February 2017). It had a prejudicial attitude to religion throughout. Mainstream views on sexual ethics were referred to as ‘regressive’, and Christians were seen as part of the problem for a lack of integration in society. It claimed, erroneously, that non-Anglican places of worship needed to be registered with the Government. This proposed register comes from a ‘muscular liberal’ attitude to religion that is suspicious of Christianity.

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