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John Woods  |  Reviews
Date posted:  1 Jul 2024
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Take me to your leader

Forming Spiritual Leaders of Skill, Depth
and Character
By Brian Harris
Paternoster Press. 199 pages. £16.99
ISBN 978 1 788 933 605

I first met Brian Harris when he was on his six-month sabbatical at Spurgeon’s College and was impressed by the freshness of his voice on issues related to church and church leadership.

Skill, depth, and character are the three words that Harris underlines as vital features in the formation of spiritual leaders. There are so many stories of leaders whose ministries have been car crashes because they could not lead, or led in ways that highlighted their character flaws and lack of wisdom. Too many church leaders know how to preach, but do not know how to lead. A person takes more lessons to pass a driving test than the average church leader has had input on how to lead.

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