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Scotland: good news!

In mid-June, the head of a Christian charity delivered a powerful gospel message at the opening of the week’s business in the Scottish Parliament.

The Christian Institute

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During his speech, Andy Hawthorne OBE, and CEO of The Message Trust, said: ‘When Jesus Christ said, “I will build my church and hell itself will not be able to stop it”, I am sure the religious leaders watching him suffer and die thought: “Sure thing, you’re going to build a church. You’ve never set foot outside of a country smaller than Scotland; you’ve never written a book; you’ve got no money, and you’ve got hardly any followers any more. You’re dying a criminal’s death and yet you claim you’re going to build a church that will spread throughout the world and go on into eternity”. Well, I have good news. Jesus Christ keeps his promises. More people will discover what I discovered almost 40 years ago: a God who delivers on his promises for his planet, and his promises for individual faithful people. Promises of peace, joy and love of a glorious hope for the future. Now, that is good news’.