Sudan: church demolished

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Date posted:  1 Apr 2018
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A Sudanese Evangelical Presbyterian Church (SEPC) in El Haj Yousif, Khartoum North, was demolished on 11 February by Sudanese security agents.

Witnesses reported that at least three police trucks arrived at the church without notice, moments after the service had ended, and security personnel proceeded to clear and confiscate property before demolishing the church. The confiscated property included chairs, Bibles and musical instruments.

The SEPC in El Haj Yousif was one of 25 churches earmarked for demolition in an official order signed in June 2016, and its leaders joined a legal challenge to prevent the government from confiscating and destroying their place of worship. The church stated that it was the legal owner of the property and land, and had used the building as a place of worship since 1989. In May 2017, authorities demolished the last remaining church in the Soba Aradi district of Khartoum State, which had also been listed in the June 2016 order.

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