Leadership and the Oxfam scandal?

Chris Sugden  |  World
Date posted:  1 Apr 2018
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Leadership and the Oxfam scandal?

Winnie Byanyima is Executive Director of Oxfam International | photo: Oxfam

The scandal surrounding Oxfam staff in Haiti in 2011 has brought to light the need for the leadership in global organisations to address the imbalance of power between well-resourced institutions and desperate people struggling to survive in a disaster zone.

At the heart of the issue is accountability. The history of Christian mission, and of the Anglican Communion in particular, suggests that accountability must be rooted in the local situation. Anglican bishops around the world long since ceased to be accountable to any UK-based ecclesial body. They are leaders in their own ‘provinces’ and accountable to their own people. Powerful charities, which are the 21st-century equivalents of 19th-century missionary societies, could do well to develop similar models of local accountability, to address the issues and implications of the imbalance of power and its misuse.

Anglican Provinces of the Global South have reasons to be confident in their faith – their churches are growing and even in situations of persecution their faith and courage stands firm. So how is it that within the Communion as a whole and even within their orthodox networks the voice of Anglican leaders from the Global South is muted?

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