A Labour election view: Faith comes first

Rachael Maskell  |  UK & Ireland
Date posted:  1 Jul 2024
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A Labour election view: Faith comes first

York Castle in York where Rachael Maskell is an MP (photo: iStock)

Faith comes first. Serving Christ in our troubled and broken world is the call. But why intersect with politics?

Politics is one of many platforms through which to shape our society, challenge inequity and advance opportunity. It is the place where the distribution of wealth is determined through economic policy, how our public services are run, and sets the cultural direction of our nation here at home and how we address issues afar.

So why Labour? Labour grew from the roots of levelling power to tackle injustice. When the trade unions, Chartists, Christian Socialists and grassroot movements joined, they came together to challenge the ways of the establishment and to call for better, to give working people a voice and agency in a nation that had subjugated their power, not least by Governments that served their class above those who built their wealth through their labour.

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