Equipped 317 is a bargain!

Peter Mawson  |  UK & Ireland
Date posted:  1 Aug 2016
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Equipped 317 is a bargain!

Glen Scrivener | photo: Derek Sewell

Looking around my local supermarket, it occurred to me that you can’t get much for a fiver these days!

But for value for money, the Equipped 317 Conference, held on the 10 July in Northfleet, Kent, could not be beaten. For the princely sum of £5 we were treated to three immensely relevant messages from Glen Scrivener and one from John Benton.

Trinitarian gospel

The annual conference is arranged for Christians in the large county of Kent to access good Bible teaching without having to resort to travelling to London. This year the talks from Glen, who heads up the evangelistic organisation ‘Speak Life’, focussed on communicating the glory of the gospel to our non-Christian friends. Glen was informative and inspiring in his presentation, with the added challenge that our sharing of the gospel should always be Trinitarian in content. He asked those present to think about how to talk about ‘What I most love about Jesus’; ‘I couldn’t have got through… without Jesus’ and ‘What I most love about my church.’

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