Comfort in loss

Rebekah Brown  |  Reviews
Date posted:  1 Jul 2024
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Comfort in loss

Strength for the Journey Through
Heartbreak to Hope.
By Lynda Wake
Authentic. 384 pages. £19.99
ISBN 978 1 788 933 520

This is a 52-week devotional journey aimed at those in the grip of loss. Wake shares her own personal journal of heartbreak to hope, following the death of their teenage daughter. Theirs is an evocative story.

This attractive hardback seeks to help those in the grip of ‘heartache’ to journal their way to hope. Each week follows a similar pattern highlighting a key word for guided reflection through shared stories, comforting quotes, truthful nuggets and supporting Bible texts. It has a poetic style, loosely structured, with curly font and spaces for scribble notes encouraging the reader to pause, reflect, feel, write, weep, pray… Having read this at triple-speed, and skipped the journalling, I missed the benefits of the authors’ intention. A failure on my part.

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