Finding the pulse; feeling the pull

John Woods  |  Reviews
Date posted:  1 Feb 2022
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Finding the pulse; feeling the pull

Five Hidden Themes Our Culture Can’t Stop
Talking About...And How to Connect Them to
By Daniel Strange
The Good Book Company. 160 pages. £8.99
ISBN 978 1 784 986 506

Thank God for Daniel Strange.

I found his book Plugged In useful for sharpening my thinking about training preachers. I use his tool of Enter, Explore, Expose, Evangelise for the Apologetic Preaching Module of our School of Preachers Course in Latvia. My students found this a great tool for engaging with culture in their communication of the gospel. All preachers need help with this task, and I am always looking for assistance in this area. Therefore, I was delighted to see that Daniel has just produced a companion volume to Plugged In Making Faith Magnetic. I found myself drawn to this book. I couldn’t put it down (okay, those are the magnetic jokes out of the way).

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