Christ from beginning to end

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Date posted:  1 Dec 2016
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Christ from beginning to end

Daily Readings for Advent from Genesis to
By Tim Chester
Good Book Company. 152 pages. £4.24
ISBN 978 1 784 981 532

Tim Chester has written a gorgeous book. There’s a beauty in what Tim shows us about Jesus, and in how he shows us Jesus, which will move you and do you much good. This is a book to treasure in Advent, but also a read to enjoy through the year.

The book follows key passages and turning points in the Genesis narrative in 24 daily sections, each chapter weaving in a New Testament passage or two to bring out the significance of Jesus. We discover the Person of Jesus fulfilling the types of Genesis (so, the Dragon-slayer, the Brother, the New Ark, the Rock), and we learn about the Work of Jesus for his people (as the Warrior, Suffering Servant, King and Good Shepherd). The overall effect causes us to marvel at the one plan of salvation, set out in Genesis and then wonder fully illuminated by the New Test-ament’s teaching of Christ.

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