Shall I go?

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Date posted:  1 May 2016
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Shall I go?

And other questions about why you need it
and why it needs you
By Sam Allberry
The Good Book Company. 95 pages. £3.99
ISBN 978 1 909 559 141

I liked this book. The author takes quality ingredients: biblical, systematic and pastoral theology relating to the church; and prepares an appetising and nourishing meal to feed us with.

The basic premise is that church is very important for every Christian! The author is concerned for those who profess faith but who distance themselves from church. This may be caused by the consumerism and individualism endemic in society, by poor biblical teaching, or by bad experiences of church life. The answer is to refocus on what the Bible teaches about the church. The book defines what a church is and outlines the characteristics of a good church. It also describes how different types of churches might be run. It gives lots of practical biblical advice on how to be a positive part of a church even with all of its good and bad points. The short section on pages 80–83 on the church as both a human and spiritual organisation is very insightful.

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