Evangelism: do you feel a ‘failure’?

Christopher Idle  |  Features
Date posted:  1 Jun 2024
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Evangelism: do you feel a ‘failure’?

If you are reading this paper and haven’t yet turned the page, at some time in your life you have probably signed up for a course, a day or an evening on evangelism and how to do it better. The longing to be better witnesses is in our DNA.

And if so, quite early on you may have been faced with the currently fashionable challenge: ‘What is stopping you from talking about Jesus to the next person you meet, or your best friend or worst enemy, or indeed anyone at all?’ In other words, there is something you should be doing and probably won’t be. So you start your training as a failure.

Now between you and me, I am fed up with hearing that I’m a failure! After all, I hear it from myself each morning and evening, and several times during the day. I mean, look at my family; they have all heard about Jesus from before day one, and where are they now? In most areas of life a great variety is desirable and delightful; in matters of faith, not so.

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