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Dream of Christ transforms would-be topless model who now embraces Proverbs 31

Caught up in popular culture and dabbling with the supernatural, at age 17 Leah Levin-Martins was on her way to becoming a topless model – but meeting Jesus in a dream changed everything. Sixteen years later, she is a passionate champion for Christ – and for modesty.

Milla Ling-Davies

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Leah Levin-Martins

In her teens, like most of the young girls around her, Leah Levin-Martins began to dress like the celebrities she looked up to. Memorably, she wore a mini skirt like the one Christina Aguilera wore in a music video for her song ‘Dirty’. Her peers started to notice.

‘It gave me a false sense of worth and value,’ she told en. ‘I began taking topless pictures and posting them on my social-media page.’ She went on to feature in several music videos in her underwear, and entered a topless modelling competition.

She was even invited to consider joining the porn industry. ‘During that meeting I heard a voice saying “Get out now”’, Leah reflected. ‘I found myself walking out. Now I know, looking back, that this was the Holy Spirit, and I am so grateful.’

Around the same time, Leah had also started to explore various aspects of new-age religions. As a child she had been taken to a Catholic Church each Sunday and attended a Catholic school. While she had ‘some knowledge of God’ and ‘always believed in Him’, she didn’t have much teaching about Jesus or the Trinity. She began engaging with horoscopes, crystals and magic spells.

‘I even remember reading in a witch bible I had purchased that I could include Jesus in my practices if I wanted to and thinking “Oh yes, I like Jesus, he’s a good guy”. For anyone who is wondering, Jesus and witchcraft do not mix!’

At age 19, two years on from deciding to become a topless model, Leah’s ambitions were cut short. In a dream, she encountered Jesus who asked her to follow Him and showed her the word ‘Modesty’ written onto a Post-it Note. When she woke up, she felt completely different and completely peaceful. That very day, she took the piercings out from her tongue, belly, nose and ears.

She said: ‘I felt relieved when God challenged me. It was quite freeing to have Jesus, in love, say: “That’s not who you are”. I felt truly seen. I had a feeling almost like the show is over and the costume can come off now.’ Now Leah has begun a fashion brand aimed at providing modest clothing and swimwear.

When asked what she would tell a young woman who may be insecure in herself, Leah said: ‘I would advise them to work on godly character over physical beauty. This Scripture is true: “Beauty fades but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised”(Prov. 31:30). It means that physical appearance lasts for a moment, and notably youth lasts for a moment. So, if you are worshipping a beauty idol like I was – it will leave you empty.’

Her clothing brand Sweetpea & Marmalade exists to encourage women that they are far more than their looks. Visit her website, here: www.sweetpeaandmarmalade.com, or follow her social media at @sweetpeaandmarmalade.