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Bishops bless butchering

Not one of the 26 Lords Spiritual spoke up or voted against the violence to be unleashed in Northern Ireland.

Dave Brennan, Brephos

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Empty seats in the House of Lords | photo: Wiki

Westminster has passed a bill without any opposition from the Church of England bishops that will allow children in Northern Ireland to be poisoned, dismembered, crushed, and beheaded in the womb without anaesthetic up to 28 weeks for any reason, making it one of the most barbaric abortion regimes in the world. This Bill is more liberal than abortion laws for the rest of the UK. Abortion is allowed up to 23 weeks and 6 days, or up to birth where the baby is shown to have a medical abnormality, or there is significant risk to the life of the mother. In 2018, 92% of abortions took place before week 13 of pregnancy, and 2% (4,000 abortions) took place after 20 weeks.