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Coding for Christians

Over the weekend of 20-22 October 2017, more than 90 people gathered at Innovation Warehouse in London.

Calvin Peat

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Kingdom coders hard at it

They were there for Kingdom Code: BUILD, to work on projects using technology to expand God’s kingdom. Now in its third year, this Christian Hackathon, previously known as Code for the Kingdom, maintains the same qualities that originally made it special. There’s a wonderful sense of creativity and collaboration, and everyone (whether they’re a computer programmer or not) is encouraged that they have a part to play.

Nineteen projects

Event organiser, James Doc, said: ‘It’s so encouraging to see a group of technologists who are willing to give their time, travelling not just from the far ends of the UK, but to get on planes to be part of the weekend. Despite the 48 hours of solid work, the real energy and drive to build technology that advances God’s Kingdom is apparent. Teams worked on 19 different projects. One was an iPad app which helps people to explore fostering and adoption, through to a virtual reality tool to show the reality of debt and the work that Christians Against Poverty (CAP) does.’

It’s a great representation of what God’s Kingdom can look like as applied to the areas of technology and creativity. Kingdom Code has plans to help encourage and mentor the teams forward to see these projects developed further and released to support CAP, Home for Good, and the wider church.

Jonty Allcock, pastor at The Globe Church in London, spoke from 1 Peter 2.6 about Jesus being the cornerstone. We’re made in the image of God, and in a sense God is a builder, so we naturally have the instinct to build things. We don’t build our own kingdoms, but instead build on Christ.

View the projects: www.kingdomcode.uk/go