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  • Contraception at ten years

    The Christian Institute

    It was reported in mid-January that the contraceptive implant has since 2010 been administered to nearly 10,000 under 16s including at least three ten-year-olds.

    Approximately 50 12-year-olds and 300 13-year-olds were given the implants, and dozens of NHS Trusts were unable to provide full figures in response to a freedom of information request, so the numbers are likely to be higher.

  • Sky’s limit

    The Christian Institute

    Sky broadband is to automatically block online pornography, the company announced in mid-January.

    In a blog post, brand director Lyssa McGowan said they are ensuring the default position of Sky’s Broadband Shield is the: ‘Safest one for all – that’s “on’’.’ All customers will have the choice to opt out of the system, which is designed to block content deemed unsuitable for children under the age of 13. It will be activated soon, or customers can activate the shield now.

  • Pray if you want

    Christian Concern

    A Bill allowing local authorities to include prayers in their meetings if they so choose, successfully passed through the House of Commons in mid-January.

    The Bill, sponsored by Jake Berry MP, now needs to pass through the House of Lords if it is to become law. In 2012, following legal action brought by an atheist councillor and the National Secular Society, the High Court ruled that Bideford Town Council had acted unlawfully in starting its meetings with prayer.

  • Perseverance tax break

    The Daily Telegraph

    Former High Court family judge Sir Paul Coleridge called for couples to be given extra tax breaks after passing landmark wedding anniversaries to encourage family stability, it was reported in mid-January.

    The idea would be an acknowledgement that stable families ultimately save the taxpayer money.

  • NI: marriage challenge

    The Christian Institute

    On 8 January, a gay couple launched a legal challenge to try to redeļ¬ne marriage in Northern Ireland, citing the law as irrational as in England they are married, but are not recognised as such in another part of the UK.

    Their case was raised during a private hearing at Belfast’s High Court. An anonymity order for the couple was granted. Northern Ireland’s elected MLAs voted against redefining marriage three times in 19 months.



    Inter-Varsity Press (UK) announced that Brian Wilson, their current CEO, will be moving on from the company at the end of February.

    During his tenure Brian has overseen the process of IVP (UK) becoming independent from the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF) in 2005. Steve Apted has been appointed to oversee a complete review of IVP (UK) in order to meet changing industry needs.

  • Scotland: name appeal

    The Christian Institute

    Campaigners against plans to impose a Named Person on every child in Scotland are considering an appeal after a judge rejected their arguments about breaches of human rights law on 22 January.

    Lord Pentland dismissed the concerns arguing that the scheme should not be assumed to be ‘inappropriately invasive’. He added: ‘In the great majority of cases the practical effect of allocating a named person to a child or young person is likely to be minimal.’

  • Designer baby?


    The House of Commons passed government proposals to make the UK the only country in the world to allow the creation of ‘three parent children’ on 3 February.

    In a debate which was only given 90 minutes, a fact in itself which was frowned upon by those opposed to the action, ended with a vote of 382 to 128 in favour. The debate following concerned rural phone lines and was given three hours scheduled time for discussion in the chamber.