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  • Contraception at ten years

    The Christian Institute

    It was reported in mid-January that the contraceptive implant has since 2010 been administered to nearly 10,000 under 16s including at least three ten-year-olds.

    Approximately 50 12-year-olds and 300 13-year-olds were given the implants, and dozens of NHS Trusts were unable to provide full figures in response to a freedom of information request, so the numbers are likely to be higher.

  • Sky’s limit

    The Christian Institute

    Sky broadband is to automatically block online pornography, the company announced in mid-January.

    In a blog post, brand director Lyssa McGowan said they are ensuring the default position of Sky’s Broadband Shield is the: ‘Safest one for all – that’s “on’’.’ All customers will have the choice to opt out of the system, which is designed to block content deemed unsuitable for children under the age of 13. It will be activated soon, or customers can activate the shield now.