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Digging up dynamite

This large, glossy hardback volume provides the most beautiful collection of biblically related archaeological finds I have seen for some time.

Chris Sinkinson, Moorlands College

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Clive Anderson and Brian Edwards
Day One. 260 pages. £25 (hardback)
ISBN 978 1 846 254 161

If you are new to the Bible you will be fascinated at every turn of the page by the wealth of evidence in its favour from the world of archaeology. If you are already well acquainted with such material you will still find plenty of surprises and fresh insights.

In over 250 pages the authors cover the Merneptah Stela, the walls of Jericho, Hezekiah’s Tunnel, Corinth at the time of Paul and the early church catacombs of Rome. Good quality, large-scale photographs are faithfully reproduced on each page. As the book follows a chronological approach it allows the reader to follow the unfolding history of the Bible in pictures.

Authors not shy

Apart from the photographs, objects are accompanied by a full text description, scripture references, relevant maps, and an indication of where in the world they may be seen. The authors never shy away from problematic issues like the date of the Exodus or the census under Quirinius. The objective tone of the volume ensures that while giving bib-lically sound opinions, the authors deal intelligently and respectfully with other points of view. The text itself is very readable, clear and brief. It is not a detailed reference volume, but an introductory taster. As such it would suit the curious mind of any age.

Preaching God’s word? This book will help bring your teaching alive. It will remind you that the Bible story concerns real people in real places at real times in history.

Studying theology? This book will encourage your confidence in the reliability of the Bible as a historical book. In a world of scepticism and doubt, this is a formidable testament to the trustworthiness of scripture.

Visiting the Holy Land? This book will feed your enthusiasm and prepare your mind for the places you will explore. Though many of the locations are in the Holy Land, there is also much in the book that you can also see in London or Rome.

Attractive gift

This book represents an attractive gift for a friend or a sound investment for a student. Don’t let the price put you off, this book is a keeper and given the quality of the printing it is worth every penny. Buy one for your pastor, but make sure you get another for yourself!