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Truth unchanged, unchanging

Ahead of his visit to the UK to speal at New Word Alive, EN caught up with Professor Bruce Ware and asked him a few questions.

Bruce Ware

EN: How did you come to know the Lord and how did you end up teaching theology at Southern Baptist Seminary?
I was greatly blessed to have grown up with parents who were devoted to Christ and committed to his work. I trusted in Christ as my Saviour when I was six years old, and was baptised the following year. Both of my parents loved missions and missionaries, and gave sacrificially to help in a multitude of ways. Our home was the one that missionaries stayed in while visiting our church. My parents’ heart for missions was reflected in their desire that their children be exposed to missions work and, as a result, they sent me for a summer missions trip to Madagascar when I was 15 years old. You can imagine the impact that had on my young life.