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‘Bonkers’ step of faith for Welsh church

In a ‘bonkers’ step of faith, last September Llanelli Evangelical Church in West Wales decided to buy a local police station. With the purchase now complete, they’re excited to plan ‘how best to use it for the Lord’s glory’.

Milla Ling-Davies

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Llanelli Evangelical Church youth in one of the police station cells (photo: Llanelli Evangelical Church)

As they’ve grown in size over the last few years, Llanelli Evangelical Church have been searching for the right home, and one that would allow them to better connect with the local community – they’ve met in a local school and, more recently, an old synagogue. ‘We were looking for a larger building for a long time,’ said pastor Phil Swan, ‘I happened to Google commercial properties in the area and saw that what had been the divisional police station was up for sale.’ Just two weeks later, the church had put an offer in and by October, they heard that it had been accepted.