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Scaling mountain peaks

The prophets tended to see the future as a series of mountain peaks. Joel’s prophecy is a great example. He paints, in vivid colours, the picture of a swarm of locusts attacking ancient Judah, as a sign foreshadowing the awesome, still-in-our-future, ‘Day of the Lord’.

The ENd word Jeremy McQuoid
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There were a series of ‘days of the Lord’ in the Old Testament, as the northern tribes were taken into exile by Assyria, and Nebuchadnezzar descended like a vulture on Judah, leaving Jeremiah to lament the devastation he left behind. But those days of the Lord were only foretastes of the ultimate and climactic ‘Day of the Lord’ when people will cry out for the rocks to fall on them, so they don’t have to face the full glory of the returning Christ.