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Donetsk: 50 come to faith

On the day of his 50th birthday, Daniel Rus drove 26 hours for a humanitarian trip to Ukraine – while he was there, he witnessed 50 people indicate that they wanted to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Milla Ling-Davies

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A woman took hold of Daniel to tell him she had just given her life to Christ

Daniel works with the Global Network of Evangelists (part of the Luis Palau Association) and this was his 31st humanitarian trip to Ukraine. During the visit, he and his team were able to run seven events where they distributed food and shared the gospel – two were in churches and the rest were outside. While in the city of Druzhkivka, Daniel preached about Christ to a packed room and, at the end, 50 people raised their hands indicating they wanted to give their life to Christ.