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Bunyan’s words ‘still true today’

‘We preach what we smartingly feel.’ So said John Bunyan, over three centuries ago, but it is still true today. Preachers need to be convicted by the power of the word of God in order to preach it, and to see their calling as coming both from Christ and His church. Preachers are sent (Rom.10:15), not self-appointed.

Jim Sayers, AGBCSE

These were the key ideas explored by Paul Smith, pastor of Grace Baptist Church, Broadstairs, speaking at an ‘Overnighter’ gathering at High Leigh for Grace Baptist church leaders. Paul’s helpful overview of preaching led into a lively discussion about whether we have diminished our view of preaching by labelling it as merely a ‘Bible talk’ or ‘word ministry’. The theme of the gathering was ‘Preaching that Connects’, and over 80 leaders came for the two days.