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The gospel was preached – then a bomb exploded: this is what happened afterwards in Ukraine

A Russian bomb exploded near a Christian mission worker sharing the gospel in Kherson, causing him to dive for cover, en has been told.

Milla Ling-Davies

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Daniel sharing the gospel with people in a village on the Dnipro river where they distributed food and hygiene supplies just before the bomb exploded.

Daniel Rus is a Romanian working with the Global Network of Evangelists (part of the Luis Palau Association), who has organised and led 24 humanitarian trips to Ukraine. In December 2023, on day two of his most recent visit, he and his team visited five villages surrounding Kherson. While distributing food parcels at the third, a mortar bomb exploded 40 metres away, in the garden of the house they were in front of, and the team were forced to run to their cars.