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Thanksgiving service held for Jeremy Marshall

Glowing tributes were paid to Jeremy Marshall at his thanksgiving service that was held at St Helen’s Bishopsgate just before Christmas.

Iain Taylor

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Rico Tice said he had been giving eulogies for Christians for 30 years and had never called anyone great before. But Jeremy was unquestionably a great man, an exceptional model of integrity in four key areas. Firstly his courage, for he never gave up. Secondly his compassion, for he always worked to bring comfort to others; whether they be refugees from Ukraine or those, such as fellow cancer-sufferers, who benefited from the understanding and empathy he offered in his various books. Thirdly his clarity, for his incisive mind was built on a sub-surface iceberg of deep theological knowledge. And finally, his unquenchable optimism. He loved living in the United States, with its immense can-do spirit, and for Jeremy no issue or problem was ever insoluble – apart from the on-field performances of his beloved Watford FC.