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  • Spain: Protestant Reformation celebrated

    The regional government of Madrid held an institutional event to commemorate the Protestant Reformation on 31 October for the second year in a row. It was attended by several parliamentarians and evangelical representatives from different denominations.

    Miguel Ángel García Martín, Madrid’s regional Minister Justice and Local Administration presided over the event, which exists to highlight the importance of the evangelical community of Madrid and its surrounding areas. A public worship service for Reformation Day took place at Shalom Church following the event in the afternoon.

  • Switzerland: Evangelical parties win seats

    The Evangelical People’s Party (EVP) and the Federal Democratic Union (EDU) both won two seats in the 200-seat House of Representatives in the recent Swiss elections on 22nd October. Both parties are conservative when it comes to family issues, such as marriage and abortion.

    The Swiss People’s Party (SVP) won 62 seats, making it the largest party in the House of Representatives, followed by the Social Democratic Party (SP) in second place, with 41. EVP had previously held three seats, while EDU gained on its previous total of one seat.