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Successful missions in Guinea and Malawi

The GoodWORD Partnership, based in Minneapolis, USA, has facilitated evangelistic and training initiatives in largely Moslem parts of Guinea, West Africa, and Malawi, southern Africa.

Iain Taylor; The GoodWORD Partnership

In Guinea, where only 7% of the population is Christian, experienced church leaders from five African countries and the United States undertook three weeks of joint ministry. It included outreach to seven prisons where a total of 3,600 inmates were fed, both physically and spiritually; equipping a Christian medical clinic in a Moslem community; a three-day conference on evangelism attended by 225 church leaders and encouraging the local churches to cooperate in sharing the gospel. One evangelical denominational leader in Conakry, a city of 2 million people, said: ‘We are now ready and committed to cooperate in sharing the gospel in our city.’