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  • Iraq: early inscriptions found in Mosul

    Christian Post

    Archaeologists restoring the historic Syriac Orthodox Mar Thomas Church in Mosul, Iraq, which was badly damaged by Islamic State fighters, have discovered about a dozen ancient relics and parchments.

    The relics include six stone containers with Aramaic inscriptions, some relating to important figures in the early church. One refers to Simon ‘The Zealot’, one of Christ’s disciples; another mentions Saint Theodore, a Roman soldier born in Corum, Turkey, in the third century, who was beheaded for having converted to Christianity.

  • Cuba: pastor’s sentence for protest upheld

    Christian Solidarity Worldwide

    A Cuban court has upheld the sentence against imprisoned Protestant pastor Lorenzo Rosales Fajardo and 14 others, who appealed their convictions for participating in nationwide protests against the government in 2021.

    During the trial only the prosecutor’s side was permitted to give evidence, which included the testimonies of 12 policemen. Fajardo has been imprisoned in Boniato Maximum Security Prison, having been convicted of ‘disrespect’, ‘assault’, ‘criminal incitement’ and ‘public disorder’.