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  • Jesus loves journalist

    The Times

    Journalist Matthew Parris (see photo) was ‘curiously moved’ after a young Deliveroo cyclist stopped alongside him and asked if he believed in the Lord Jesus.

    In his regular The Times column, Parris, a former Conservative MP, wrote: ‘I replied that I’m sure Jesus existed, and love and respect the character whose description has come down to us through the ages, but that I do not believe he was the Son of God, and do not believe in God at all. ‘“But He said He was,” said the young man. I replied that Jesus probably was under a misapprehension. The cyclist paused to think. ‘Well,’ he said, ‘Jesus loves you even if you won’t acknowledge him. I will pray for you.’ And with that, he cycled off. I walked on, curiously moved.’

  • Porn prevalence

    The Christian Institute

    More than half of British men under the age of 40 admit to watching porn at least once a month, a YouGov survey revealed; and almost 60% of them watched porn before they reached 18.

    Vanessa Morse, chief executive of the Centre to End All Sexual Exploitation, said: ‘These shocking statistics show the prevalence of children watching harmful pornography at a young age.’ Under the Online Safety Bill, websites risk large fines and could be blocked if they do not implement suitable age-verification systems to prevent children accessing pornographic material. However, the new legislation is not expected to be in force until 2024.