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Beeke’s Scottish challenge: P…P…P…P…P…P…P…P…P…P

The 31st annual meeting of the Scottish Reformed Conference has taken place at Hamilton College.

Richard G. Buckley

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Joel Beeke

Dr Joel Beeke from Heritage Reformed Congregation in Grand Rapids, USA was the main speaker. He preached on the words of Psalm 22 that Jesus reiterated at the Cross: ‘My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?’ In the course of his sermon, Dr Beeke reflected upon the profound depths of the real experience of Jesus whilst he prayed this, both what it does not mean and what it does mean. But also from the question ‘Why?’ – what was the purpose of this experience and the infinite love of God and the Lord Jesus Christ expressed in this cry. In his second address, he pressed upon Christians the urgent need to reflect upon the agony of Christ when we pass through sharp and painful experiences in life. He did so in a unique sermon of ten points each beginning with the letter ‘P’. In thanks, our chairman suggested adding another three points likewise beginning with ‘P’, to the positive pleasure of the people present!