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God in the grime of life

Some may disagree, but I don’t believe there is, or even should be, such a thing as a Christian film, especially if by labelling a film ‘Christian’ we mean to create a sub-genre of film that contains some special spiritual or moral attribute whilst ignoring its artistic quality.

Culture Watch James Paul
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Mark Wahlberg as Father Stu | photo: imdb

But I do believe that there are films that tell stories which flow out of the gospel narrative of creation-fall-redemption. And in that respect, I commend to you Rosalind Ross’s directorial debut, Father Stu, as an absorbing and emotionally engaging film which centres around a the very human experiences of disappointment, fatherlessness, suffering, forgiveness and faith. It also includes one of the best cameos by a Jesus-like character that I have seen in a long while.