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  • Uganda: headteacher burned and then sacked

    Morning Star News

    The headteacher of a private Islamic school in Uganda suffered third-degree burns and was fired after staff members heard him praying as a Christian.

    Yusufu Mwanje led Ibunbaz Primary School in Bugiri until he lost his job after the attack in early April. He had come to faith through a Christian businessman. ‘As I finished… prayers at 4:45am…there were people outside my door. They began shouting, “Allah akbar.”’ He was then set on fire but taken to hospital after an elderly Islamic teacher intervened.

  • Sahel: Christians being ‘killed on the spot’

    Release International

    Christians in the Sahel part of Africa, including Niger, Mali and Chad, are now being executed by armed jihadi gangs who target their villages and stop cars and buses on the road. When the jihadists attack villages, they know where the Christians live and seek them out.

    ‘Mamouna’, her husband and two small children, aged four and seven, were singled out because of their faith. Mamouna’s husband was killed. In Burkina Faso, the groups destroy shops, schools and official buildings, but the main focus of their destruction is often the church. And the violence is spreading across the region.